S9 for herWe recommend scheduling an initial sleep evaluation to discuss the patient’s specific sleep symptoms and determine appropriate testing. We also offer appointments for patients who have recently done sleep studies at the Sleep & Wellness Center.

  • We can manage driving clearance for DOT / CDL patients as well as pre-op sleep studies and post-op comparison sleep studies for bariatric surgery candidates.


We offer the following testing at both of our locations (Lockport, Niagara Falls):

  • Home Sleep Diagnostic Testing
    • Home sleep testing can be used to test for sleep apnea. There are limitations to this study, but it is a useful tool for patients with insomnia, difficulty sleeping away from home, or irregular sleep schedules.

We have our own lab in our Niagara Falls location:

  • PSG
    • This test is typically done overnight to screen for sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movement, REM sleep behavior disorder.
    • Often times sleep apnea will be treated with CPAP therapy, which stands for continuous positive air pressure. If patients have difficulty tolerating CPAP or if CPAP is ineffective, additional therapies are available.
  • Split Night Sleep Studies
    • If a patient has severe sleep apnea, a split night study can be done to combine a PSG and PAP titration.
  • MSLT
    • This test is done in combination with a PSG to screen for narcolepsy. This test is done during the daytime and consists of a series of naps to assess severity of drowsiness.
  • MWT
    • This test is done during the daytime to assess a patient’s ability to stay awake. It is often done for patients that have fallen asleep while driving in order to clear them to restart driving, or in patients with a CDL.
AirSense Autoset Tub

AirSense Autoset Tub

We can order CPAP machines as well as the necessary supplies. We work with several  local DME companies, who offer in office or in home set ups.

We work with local dentists who specialize in making and managing Oral Appliances for the treatment of sleep apnea. An oral appliance is an alternative treatment option for patients with sleep apnea. This is most commonly used in a mild to moderate sleep apnea patient that either tried and failed to tolerate CPAP or in a patient that does not feel they would tolerate CPAP. The appliance is slowly adjusted over several weeks to a few months to improve clinical symptoms.

We have an Ear Nose & Throat Physician at both locations who can evaluate patients who may be surgical candidates. Surgery can be considered in patients with a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy, or tonsillar hypertrophy. Surgery is also an effective adjunctive treatment with CPAP or the oral appliance to improve tolerance and clinical outcome.

We also manage medications for the treatment of insomnia, narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia, periodic limb movement disorder, restless leg syndrome, and shift work sleep disorder.